Many believe that the Covid-19 pandemic that is currently sweeping the world has brought significant changes to the behavior and order of the previous world so quickly. Evangelism and preaching the good news also adapt to the existing conditions, so there are many churches and God’s servants who need support, attention to maintain the continuity of the realization of the Great Commission as written in Matthew 28:19-20.

Bravely.CMC – Church & Mission Care is not just a program to reach out to churches and God’s servants on the front lines, especially those in remote and isolated areas, but is also expected to be a response, synergy and collaboration movement with observers and owners of vocations who want to move. together with the capacities and abilities that God has provided for Him.

Assist and support the renovation and rehabilitation of church buildings and pastoral homes, houses of God’s servants, support the availability of adequate equipment and equipment in church services; support the socialization and movement of using digital technology in services and missions; education and economic empowerment of church and congregation institutions, socialization and consultation on church management and administration, etc.

If you are moved to partner with Bravely.CMC, by contributing directly or through partnership projects, it will be a joy for us. We really believe that it is God who moves your heart so that you can interact with the Bravely Foundation through this medium. Please donate your blessing which will enrich the color of caring for others together with the Bravely Foundation through:

Yayasan Bejana Kasih Bravely | Bravely Foundation
Bank Name    : BNI
Account No. : 318 02 200 63

To make it easier for us to identify internally, regardless of your donation, please add the number ‘3’ from your donation as a confirmation code to support the Bravely.NGC program. For example, the nominal thanks to the donation is IDR 100,000, so please transfer it to IDR 100,000.

If you need further information, please contact us on the available line.

WA    : 0821 1320 4789
Facebook: @BravelyFoundation

God bless us all!