The diversity of traditions and culture of the archipelago in various regions from Sabang to Merauke has placed Indonesia as one of the countries in the world that has a history of civilized society with a very strong character in the world. One of them is the Nias Islands. When you visit the Nias Islands and especially the southern part of it, you will see many historical relics of Nias tradition and culture. Until now, this area continues to strive to maintain and preserve traditions and cultural values ​​as a legacy from generation to generation, in the midst of the pressure of changing times and the magnitude of the internal challenges of each region from a generational perspective that is constantly demanded to be adaptive to the times.

Many believe that in South Nias, especially in the Gomo area and its surroundings, there is a historical richness of the early civilizations of the people in the Nias Islands before it spread and migrated throughout the Nias Islands and even in areas outside Nias. When exploring these areas, we will find many historical relics of high value, both tangible and extraordinary stories or traditional traditions which are cultural heritages that must be preserved as a unique identity and as a reference for cultural knowledge from generation to generation to generations.

Bravely.CLWC – Culture & Local Wisdom Care, is a program to care for local traditions and wisdom for Indonesia. In this program, more emphasis is placed on efforts to raise public awareness, indigenous communities, encourage the creation of a new paradigm of traditional leaders – the ‘samakhoi banua’ generation to be pro-actively involved, synergize and collaborate to maintain dignity, traditional values ​​and preserve the traditional heritage that has become tangible assets and intangible assets of indigenous peoples. The Nias Islands, which started from South Nias, became the main objective of this awareness program, which is possible with other regions when the references, information and resources are more adequate.

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