Our Goal And Mission

Justice, Opportunity and Equality

Sharing love and social care to the community is actually the responsibility of all parties. Bravely Foundation taking a role even though it may seem small from that responsibility as a form of response – God’s love – to us for the community or communities that need it. The target of this love and social service is expected to reach more people in areas that are isolated and/or marginalized by one thing or another, so that they can activate and grow their hope back to Justice, Opportunity and Equality (J-O-E: Justice-Opportunity-Equality).

(1) Bravely.HSC – Human & Social Care
(2) Bravely.NGC – Next-Generation Care

This is a Bravely program for humanitarian and social missions. We call it the Human & Social Care Project. In this Bravely program, it is hoped that it can reach people, both individuals and a community who are marginalized for one reason or another and provide education in opening a new paradigm that there is great access to hope for the struggle for justice, opportunities to get out of bad conditions and fair rewards as useful and valuable individuals or groups… Click more–>

The potential for reaping human resources from the young generation in the current digital era is very large, especially the estimate that around 2030 -2040, Indonesia will receive an abundant demographic bonus which is estimated that 64% of the 297 million Indonesian population will be of productive age (www.bappenas.go .id). This will be a huge bonus that has a positive value for the progress of the Indonesian nation and state if from an early age all stakeholders have a concern in improving the quality of education and skills, including its relation to facing the openness of the labor market… Click more–>

(3) Bravely.CMC – Church & Mission Care
(4) Bravely.CLWC – Culture & Local Wisdom Care

Many believe that the Covid-19 pandemic that is currently sweeping the world has brought significant changes to the behavior and order of the previous world so quickly. Evangelism and preaching the good news also adapt to the existing conditions, so there are many churches and God’s servants who need support, attention to maintain the continuity of the realization of the Great Commission as written in Matthew 28: 19 – 20Click more– >

The diversity of traditions and culture of the archipelago in various regions from Sabang to Merauke has placed Indonesia as one of the countries in the world that has a history of civilized society with a very strong character in the world. One of them is the Nias Islands. When you visit the Nias Islands and especially the southern part of it, you will see many historical relics of Nias tradition and culture. Until now, this area continues to strive to maintain and preserve traditions and cultural values ​​as a legacy from generation to generation, in the midst of the pressure of changing times and the magnitude of the internal challenges of each region from a generational perspective that is constantly demanded to be adaptive to the times… Click more– >