HCF Indonesia Services | The Transformation Occurs!

HCF Indonesia Services | The Transformation Occurs! (Healthcare Christian Fellowship Indonesia)

HCF Indonesia Services | The Transformation Occurs!
(Healthcare Christian Fellowship Indonesia)
(Issue 21 June – 2 July 2023)
Our acquaintance with the Bravely Foundation started with our children’s participation in the Indonesian Christian Fellowship Healthcare Service (HCF Indonesia) through a zoom meeting during the pandemic in the DBG (Discovery Bible Group) program. This DBG information was conveyed by our sister who lives on Nias Island, precisely in Telukdalam, South Nias.

In this DBG program, there is an activity of “removing stones”, namely removing oneself from the stones of bitterness, disappointment, anger, etc., because this actually hinders the process of growing faith, it is not uncommon to even feel empty in the heart and soul even though they believe in God’s grace but didn’t really experience it. HCF has been present in our family online, even though they didn’t know each other at first. In the DBG program that is still ongoing today, our children and nephews in Nias are served by Ms. Nurmaisi Girsang, they call her “Opung”, a Senior and Head of the HCF Team.

In the middle of this year, the HCF Indonesia Team conducted services in Medan and Gunungsitoli, Nias for 2 weeks (21 June – 2 July 2023) with the theme “Removing Stone & Divine Plumbline”. The Bravely Foundation through the #BravelyCMC – Church & Mission Care program, is allowed to participate in supporting this Team’s Ministry. This ministry has personally reached more than 100 people. This testimony from the Ministry is a tremendous blessing to the Braverly Foundation. Lord Jesus is awesome!!

May HCF Indonesia continue to be a blessing to Indonesia 🇮🇩 even to nations, reaching souls for God. The Bravely Foundation feels fortunate to now know the extraordinary individuals within the HCF Service Team and be close to their ministry.

If you or your family members need this service or want to support it, please leave a message in the chat column, our team will help convey it to HCF.

Thank you HCF Indonesia. Jesus bless you.

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Thank you, Jesus for the blood – Charity Gayle

[Lidia K. Dachi]
Founder @bravely.foundation