Your Trust is Our Care Serve


"Sharing for thousand colors", sharing thousands of colors of care to others, the environment and society, especially to those in need, is a response to spiritual experiences that start with #small things. b> and #simple so that they can activate and grow their hopes for Justice, Opportunity and Equality (J-O-E: Justice-Opportunity-Equality), and hope that there are many parties who will involved either directly or indirectly with the Bravely Foundation.


Bravely Foundation has 4 (four) main programs, namely (a) Human & Social Care; (b) Next-Gen Care; (c) Church & Mission Care; (d) Culture & Local Wisdom Care. We believe that these 4 programs can realize the mission of 'sharing for thousand colors' which is our passion in caring and serving all to realize universal human values.


We run this program supported by many parties with the method of synergy and collaboration. Approach the field observation, with the local government, the management of a related institution, church, service institution or indigenous community, then the volunteers needed will be more measurable and effective. Apart from that, each activity program is carried out by prioritizing the principles of good financial governance and management.


Realizing a sense of caring for others can happen anytime and anywhere, so we believe that when you get to this stage, read it and then touch it until you are moved to donate, it is not a coincidence because it is driven by the same passion, which is already in your heart previously. Therefore, we are honored for their trust and manage them in existing Bravely programs and report them in accordance with the principles of good financial governance and management.


Bravely Foundation is supported by management and professionals who are highly dedicated, have the same passion, which makes every existing Bravely program a form of self-actualization in building and realizing the values ​​of caring and service to others. Apart from that, the Bravely Foundation opens itself to other entities to synergize and work together as our Partner to support the realization of the mission of caring and service with the Bravely Foundation.