Bravely’s Report 2022


Who would have thought that the Covid-19 pandemic would spread its power to terrify the world to this day (more than 3 years). Do you still remember, when in early March 2020, the first case of Covid-19 was found in Indonesia? A year later, the variant called ‘delta’ became the pinnacle of our fears because it claimed many lives in Indonesia and around the world. There are many of our friends, best friends, colleagues and family members leaving for good. Even for just mourning, we can’t afford it.

In this condition of all-limited access, uncertainty over global economic growth has become a concern that has also engulfed the whole world, including developed countries whose economic growth has stagnated. Many predict the world will be on the verge of a deep global recession. Relying on high vigilance alone is not enough to mitigate these risks. The leaders of the world must make real breakthroughs, unite their strengths and spirit to work together at the regional and international levels in dealing with a pandemic and the threat of an economic recession.

Even so, “THERE IS ALWAYS A HOPE”, there is always hope! After the rain stops, there is usually a rainbow. Likewise human life around the world because it will enter a new phase, namely ‘endemic’ where we live side by side with Covid-19, get used to masks and get used to online meetings as an alternative for the efficiency and effectiveness of human activities.

The Bravely Foundation interprets every mission, diakonia and social service carried out throughout 2022 because “THERE IS ALWAYS A HOPE” that God has given us. We are grateful throughout this year, we are still given the trust to do all of these things:

  • Bravely.HSCHuman & Social Care
    (More than 100 people and 1 Orphanage receiving humanitarian and social concerns during the 2022 Covid-19 Pandemic). The Bravely Foundation is currently focusing on supporting one Orphanage in South Nias which has no regular donors.
  • Bravely.NGCNext Generation Care
    (There are 7 foster children who are assisted with school fees every month during 2022) or an increase of 2 people from the previous year.
  • Bravely.CLWC – Culture & Local Wisdom Care
    (There is 1 program that helps take the smallest contribution from supporting the establishment of studio houses to introduce the culture and traditions of the Nias people to people outside Nias and as a reminder to the Nias Diaspora Community.

Regarding the achievement of this service, we convey again that as a form of accountability commitment even though it is still relatively small this activity and also a form of expression of gratitude to the caring and loving hands moved by God for the realization of this mission, diaconal and social service both directly and indirectly, for all the contributions, we thank you very much.

This ministry has not yet been completed and we hope to continue in the coming years because with God’s grace, Bravely Foundation is expected to be able to double the realization of its ministry from the previous year. We are very honored and blessed if you too are called to manifest your care through “Sharing for Thousand Colors” to others. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we can partner up, we can do it together, even you can do it yourself, manifesting concern for others even from the smallest part of what we can do.

“As long as there is still time, there is always hope not only to witness God’s love in our lives, but also to become an opportunity for us to become a meaningful #color for the lives of others” – Bravely’s Quote.

God bless. AMEN


Greetings Bravelly,


Lidia K. Dachi.