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"Born is not to stay but leave a spirit message only"


Sharing thousands of colors of concern for others, the environment and society.


Humanity & Care for Social, Care for Next Generation, Care for Church & Mission, Care for Culture & Local culture.


Synergy, collaboration, observation, measurable and effective, with good financial and management governance.


We manage and report in accordance with the principles of good financial governance and management.


Professional management, honest, passionate, caring, serving, synergizing and responsible.

Activities & Donation

Human & Social Care Project

Bravely.HSCHuman & Social Care - currently supporting organizations or orphanages that operate independently without a permanent donor in the area, including offering donations for learning about financial management management to their administrators so that a more professional, quality and sustainable development and management system can then be developed.

Next Generation Care Project

Bravely.NGC - Next-Generation Care - takes a role to support preparation (Next-G), especially in areas with foster parent programs for children with academic potential whose parents low income, educational programs introducing cultural values ​​and local wisdom to Next-G, socializing the dangers of drugs and the negative effects of uncontrolled use of digital technology.

Church & Mission Care Project

Bravely.CMC - Church & Mission Care - not just a program to reach out to the church and to God's servants on the front lines, especially those in remote, isolated areas, but is also expected to be a response movement, synergy and collaboration with observers and owners of vocations who want to move together with the capacity and ability that God has provided for Him.

Culture & Local Wisdom Care Project

Bravely.CLWC - Culture & Local Wisdom Care - A program of concern for local traditions and wisdom that emphasizes efforts to raise public awareness, indigenous communities, encouraging the creation of a new paradigm of traditional leaders - the 'samakhoi banua' generation to be involved pro-actively, synergize and collaborate to maintain dignity, traditional values ​​and preserving traditional heritage.

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To support these programs.

If you need further information, please contact us on the line we have provided:

WA: 0877 7597 0992
Facebook: @BravelyFoundation
Instagram: @Bravely.Foundation

Yayasan Bejana Kasih Bravely | Bravely Foundation
BNI (IDR) No: 318 02 200 63

God bless us all