The potential for reaping human resources from the young generation in the current digital era is very large, especially the estimate that around 2030 -2040, Indonesia will receive an abundant demographic bonus which is estimated that 64% of the 297 million Indonesian population will be of productive age (www.bappenas.go .id). This will be a huge bonus that has a positive value for the progress of the Indonesian nation and state if from an early age all stakeholders have a concern in improving the quality of education and skills, including its relation to the openness of the labor market.

The Bravely Foundation realizes that it is not impossible that the equal distribution of quality in terms of education and human resource skills for the next generation is a serious challenge to face the demographic bonus that is in sight. Even when visiting the regions, the challenge then is not only the issue of quality distribution but in fact there are many who have not had access and facilities to proper and quality education, let alone talk about skills – which are expected to respond to global challenges because of their different backgrounds. not support it.

Therefore, the Bravely Foundation through its Bravely.NGC – Next-Generation Care program takes a role to support the preparation of the next generation (Next-G) of the Indonesian nation, especially in areas with foster parents programs for orphans in the country. or outside the orphanage, children with good academic potential are around neighborhoods and churches whose parents are low-income, as well as programs to support “Love and Care” character building in families and schools, education to introduce cultural values and local wisdom to Next-G , to the socialization of the dangers of drugs and the negative effects of uncontrolled use of digital technology.

Currently supporting orphanage organizations or institutions that operate independently without regular donors, including offering financial management learning donations to their administrators so that a more professional and quality development and management system can be developed and also Bravely.HSC becomes a foster parent to children – Orphans who are inside or outside the orphanage.

If you are moved to partner with Bravely.HSC, by contributing directly or through partnership projects, it will be a joy for us. We really believe that it is God who moves your heart so that you can interact with the Bravely Foundation through this medium. Please donate your blessing which will enrich the color of caring for others together with the Bravely Foundation through:

Yayasan Bejana Kasih Bravely | Bravely Foundation
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To make it easier for us to identify internally, regardless of your donation, please add the number ‘2’ from your donation as a confirmation code to support the Bravely.HSC program. For example, the nominal thanks to the donation is IDR 100,000, so please transfer it to IDR 100,000.

If you need more information, please contact us on the available line.

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God bless us all!